Thursday, January 19, 2012


My guru-maharaj used to say : "It is a higher kind of service to elevate the consciousness of the souls and improve their liking of spirituality. This kind of service also improves mind's capabilities for the better. Meaning of service is also to be happy and spreading this happiness around. This happiness is not possible without peace in the mind. One cannot be happy if the mind is uncertain and angry. Only mental peace and serenity can result in happiness. Any service that is expressed as mental peace and serenity or any method that takes you towards mental peace and serenity is a higher kind of service".                                                                                My guru-maharaj urged me to find a way where  people can do activities that uplift their mind, can do self analysis, pray, do inner search and start the process of initiation. He also ordered me to keep these souls in closed rooms. By the grace of my guru-maharaj this ( maun mandir ) was possible for the purpose of uplifting these souls.
Development of this technique ( as ordered by our guru-maharaj ) is also a kind of service. If the life of a person can be uplifted, even just a little, that is a great service. There are subtle impressions on the psyche from the development of bhava that is produced in this maun mandir. These impressions are deep and noble. It is not possible to produce this bhava outside. This bhava and its resulting effects can not be gained outside even after spending lots of money.

Pujya Shree Mota
Maun mandirma pran-pratistha ( મૌન મંદિરમાં પ્રાણપ્રતિષ્ઠા )
Edition 1; pages 40-41.